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Crazy      Daisy

Hi! My name is Daisy. I am a year and a few months old. I prefer Jackie Russell not Jack Russell which is a boy's name. Myowner is Lauren Litz but my main food suppliers are Pam and David (her parents) I love it here in the Litz home. I have lots of neighborhood dog friends like Roxie, Babe, two other poodles, Smokey , and Spot. I have human friends also Carly, Laura, Shane, Larry, Vince, Dave, Renee, Dustin, Stephanie, Spanky, Mr and Mrs. Stump, and Katie. Katie is trying to convince me to have puppies but I don't even like other boys. I like Zack and Zack likes me. Zack and I have been going steady for about a month and a few weeks now. I hope we are a couple for a long time. Zack lives down the street from me. Zack visits every other week. Zack is dreamy.
Aren't we a cute couple?? I like chasing cars until they beep at me, I like going on long walks with Lauren, fighting with Roxie Lauren's cat, stealing socks from Lauren's brother Dave, sleeping, chewing on remote controls and running wild and be crazy. I have a heart murmur. I have to take nasty green pills once a month for it I am getting fixed sometime soon so I can't have puppies. I can't have puppies because of my heart. I get tired easily which isn't a normal JRT trait. Crazy Daisy likes to hunt things like squirrels, birds, gophers, and Roxie her cat companion. Daisy hates the rain but loves to snuggles when it is pouring down. Daisy has a sick habit Her sick habit is chewing up underwear. I am hoping she will stop 'cause frankly I am getting very fed up with her. Daisy really doesn't mind getting dressed up as you can
tell from this picture
she likes it. We also dress her with a Patriots sweatshirts when it is cold outside and with a Ski jacket w/ a hood when she has to go out in the rain. We sure do love our Crazy Daisy Please check out her
PICS PAGE for other tragically cute pictures
Thanks for coming =) Please email me whenever you can about your dog or your opinion about Daisy's page we can take it

Daisy and her owner Lauren

United States

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